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Is a new therapy consisting of injecting biological products (like herbs, Vitamins and homeopathic products) on specific spots. Biopuncture originated from combining the use of biotherapeutics [ bio- ] with acupuncture [ -puncture ].  That is how the name bio-puncture was created.

Most of these injections are given under the skin or in the muscles. Although these products have been used for several decades, the specific name biopuncture was created to give more exposure to the possibilities of this particular technique, both for the general public and for medical doctors.

What kinds of biotherapeutic products are used then?
Products commonly used in biopuncture are, for example, Arnica, Calendula, Echinacea, Nux vomica and Chamomilla. Arnica is used for hematomas, and muscle pain, Nux vomica is injected for digestive problems, Ignatia is used for stress related symptoms, Echinacea is used to increase the natural defense system of the body. One can also inject cocktails of natural products. These cocktails contain several biotherapeutic products in one ampoule. In most cases, the plants are diluted, as in homeopathy and homotoxicology. Several such diluted products are mixed together in one ampoule lasix pills. Such an ampoule has its own specific therapeutic characteristics. Traumeel for example is used for inflammations and sports injuries, Zeel is used for tennis elbow, whiplash and arthrosis, Ledum or Restructa for rheumatic disorders. Hundreds of different cocktails are available these days