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Cellulite Over the years there has been a lot of debate about what actually constitutes cellulite and whether it differs from other fat cells in the body. Chemical analysis has shown that cellulite is the same as ordinary fat cells and that it is not a unique substance. But there are structural differences.

• Affects predominantly women (98%)

• Rarely affects males (2%)

• Possible explanations include hormone differences between the genders, with cyclic variations in estrogen and progesterone.

• Does not begin until menarche, but may become clinically visible months to years later.

• Shows no prejudice for either thin or overweight individuals.


Cellulite and Mesotherapy :

• Various agents can be used to locally target the pathogenesis of cellulite formation:
– Reduce superficial fat
– Enhance circulation
– Reduce tissue fibrosis

• Cellulite can be treated, but not prevented with mesotherapy.




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